What I’m Working On | Acceptance & New Clothes

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The frenzy of YC has started to fade away, becoming less of my reality and more of a concrete event in my past (though it still feels like yesterday, and both Ashwin and I are always surprised when we count the weeks since it happened). I’m inching my way back into the hum of life.

We’ve recently been talking about the freedom Ashwin and I have as entrepreneurs. It’s hard for me to remember that, especially when I’m so used to working nonstop. I’m always surprised with what I find when I come up for air. Today, I went home at 4pm and laid on my couch, coding, until 11. Both things I did because I wanted to, and I’m reminding myself how cool that is: I get to code, for fun, on my couch in front of Gilmore Girls with a bowl of kettle corn. Alright.

This week, I’m working acceptance – I’m taking a semi-spontaneous trip down to LA this weekend and I’m hoping to make a lot of progress on my own and with close friends. I’m tempted to bring my laptop, in case I want to work, but I think it’ll cause more guilt than be useful. I’m working on acceptance.

Also, it’d be nice to have some new clothes.


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