A Tail of Two Paws









We skipped the droves waiting in line for Bi-Rite and made our way to Kittea Cafe, because, hell, this is San Francisco and if you’re not eating hand-churned ice cream, you’d better be petting cats and drinking overpriced tea leaves. Turns out the poor kittens were overstimulated (though no one else in the place seemed to think so), so I ended up spending my half hour session feline watching and trying to envision the peaceful zen I imagine cat cafes in Japan to be like. That second part didn’t quite work (the cafe had a playlist of undeniably American pop hits on repeat), but the cats didn’t seem to mind. They were too busy cat napping, hiding, and nipping at each other’s ears — with the exception of the couple weariless newcomers who were batting at the feathers people were waving at them — to notice me anyways.


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