The Slowdown









Where I stand on the whole ‘Frisco gentrification debate I can’t (or won’t) quite say, because, well, I’m one of those yuppies. I like my restaurants sans-serif, for one thing, and said restaurants get brownie points in my book if they have exposed concrete walls and floor-to-ceiling windows to let in golden hour.

Needless to say, Moya on 9th is my cup of tea. The food is fresh, the vibe is great — barring any crazies making faces at you through the floor-to-ceiling glass — and it’s just a stone’s throw away from the seedier parts of town. That is, Moya is a solid dinner spot if you ever find yourself in the Tenderloin at night (not at all something I recommend you do). Your hands will get rather dirty by the time dinner was over, but that’s okay, because you’re the cool yuppie that can handle a little mess, am I right? *pulls out portable hand sanitizer*



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  1. Ooh this place looks good! But what kind of food was it? What did you enjoy the most?

    Great photos too, you go girl

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