To Market, To Market


You can expect every San Franciscan to be out on the lawn as soon as Saturday hits and especially if it’s coupled with 70 degree weather. You can also expect every tourist to be touristing on the Embarcadero, in trolley cars, and around Union Square anytime of the year, but particularly now that spring has sprung and tour buses be hustling. No matter as long as you come mentally prepared to face lines and throngs of people all day long.

Hog Island Oyster Company is a place you better come to with a game plan. 2.6k Yelp reviews and 4.5 stars? I’ll take on the crowds so long as I have snacks in my pocket to wait in line with; we did as the pros do and grabbed a snack from the Ferry Building vendors. The line moved fast, though, and we were seated on the pier with buttered baguettes in less than 30 minutes. On the menu were a selection of oysters — ironically not from the California bay except one type — and steamed clams with pasta. We meant to leave room for other tastings in the Ferry Building but unwisely rolled (heh) out of there stuffed from bread soaked in the dregs of clammy remains. Post-meal, we followed up with a (long and arduous though not unenjoyable) jaunt to Ghirardelli Square for a sundae and more standing in line. Talk about a one, two sucker punch to the SF tourist bucket list.



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  1. Looks amazing. I always love your posts and your gorgeous pics :)

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