These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Everlane Petra

Sometimes I can be a real snob… a design snob that is. There is no product I love more than that which is as beautiful as it is functional. Please excuse me while I lovingly stroke my Everlane Petra.




Besides that period in my freshman year when Forever21 was in my list of frequently visited sites, I’ve always been a save and splurge sort of girl. Take sophomore year. By this time I had eradicated all evidence of poly shorts and ripped tights from my closet, so I did as all 16 year olds do with what little savings they accrue: I spent it. I spent those saved dollars on a pair of black Frye Melissa Button boots at a price that makes me wonder how I ever convinced my mom to lend me her credit card. The decision was Frye or Steve Madden; let’s just say I’m glad that choice turned out well.




 It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that my first and only (and perhaps even forever if it buys flowers on my birthday and takes me to dinner at least twice a month) IT bag was the Everlane Petra. Bought mostly in a fit of existential I’m-a-grown-up-not-a-child after yet another stranger mistook me for a high schooler, the Everlane Petra is everything I dreamed $350 could buy me and more. Make no mistake: this is not a Kate Spade. The leather is unbelievably thick yet supple; its construction is impeccable; its size is thoughtful. Its handles actually stay on my shoulders. A couple times my friends have caught me hugging my Petra, but I’ve been trying to keep PDA to a minimum. Boys, take note: this is how you get a girl to love you forever.





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  1. I feel this way about my madewell tote. Very similar in structure and look.

  2. I loved your post! I’m thinking about getting a black Petra in the medium size (the “Market”). Do you think it would be too big for work purposes? A few files, a tupperware/water bottle, and a wallet is all I plan to schlep around…

    • Thanks RD! My Magazine holds my laptop (pretty thin), computer charger, large clutch, and headphones (could probably put a water bottle in there too but tupperware might make it bulky) — sounds like you could get away with what I have (Magazine) BUT I kind of wish I had gotten the Market so I could hold the occasional jacket/scarf :)

      • Thanks for responding Catherine! It sounds like with my tupperware, I might have to go with the Market. Originally I wanted to get it in burgundy (one of the new colors that just came out for Fall), but after seeing your pictures and how rich the black color is….I have a feeling I’m going to keep it classy and get black like you did.

    • Xavier F. Martinez September 20, 2016 — 5:29 PM

      It is perfect for work. I bought it as a gift for my sister. Carries all her essentials, including a laptop, water bottle, and gym gear.

  3. The burgundy is definitely gorgeous too, but you can never go wrong with black :)

  4. You’re a humorous writer! I love this!

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