Thoughts on Childhood and a Flight of Sandos


Forget Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus — kids are entirely different species living in in a completely backward world. Take it from me; I’m a Taekwon-Do instructor cum life coach for the little tots. More often than not you’ll find them on the floor literally rolling around on the ground (their pint-sized bodies apparently make sprawling on the floor easier than climbing up onto a “big person” bed or chair), and gravity seems to have but limited effects on them. Talk about a crazy universe.

Avocado Toast, Add Chili Flakes, Soft Boiled Egg




As much as I admire their worldly naiveté (how often I dream that I may try gummy bears again for the first time) and wish that I too could nap as my day job, there are some things in life simply better as an adult. Being a little kid in the big and seemingly arbitrary if not irrational world takes an inordinate amount of bravery, as my preschool students recently reminded me by way of crying at our first Taekwon-Do class of the semester. Last week, I was at a 66% cry ratio in a single session. Pair me with Adele and you’ll have a cry session for the whole family.

 PB&J, Add Raisins, Chia Seeds, Potato Chips




Let’s also not forget that the food, the food is better up here in the 5 to 6 foot range above ground. The brussels sprouts and pickles your mom forced on your plate all those dinners ago now actually taste good. The best bites, though, often remain those sparsely decorated and as familiar as your mom’s time worn apron. For me, sandwiches. A bite of thick, sometimes homemade and sometimes stale bread slathered with peanut butter and honey transports me right to my Playskool Magic Kitchen (except now everything’s prettier and actually edible). Toss on some chia seeds for protein and a couple potato chips to make your sandwich a meal. Take that, sad desk lunch.

Nutella, Add Sea Salt 








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