Log Cabins, Cup Noodles, and a Little Snow

For most Californians, snow is a destination. Things such as a white Christmas are reserved for picture books and perhaps the occasional family vacation to New York. We’re lucky if we can get a light sprinkle and some fog come Christmas morning, and even that’s rare. How Santa’s sleigh can slide on our snowless roofs (and climb down our fake fireplaces), I’ll never know.




After my quick trip to Los Angeles for my friend’s 21st, I headed back down to southern California to see a few friends for a little R&R and winter chill. Ironic, I know. Big Bear is just east of Los Angeles and just far enough into the mountains to enjoy the holiday cheer without needing a subzero degree jacket and snow shoes. It was an impossibly quick trip (then again, which of my trips aren’t?) and I was glad to see my friends fresh off their college final examinations.





And  it’s a race to the finish of the holiday season now that I’m back. A haircut’s in order, for one thing, as family Christmas pictures are as unavoidable as holiday cookies and Michael Buble’s jingle jams. Gifts still need to be wrapped and labeled. Here’s to long airport lines, your mom’s sweetly brined ham, and a white Christmas, whether it be out your window or in a book!


Photos by Kevin Yu


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