A Westside Story

So I just spent 22 hours in Los Angeles for my friend’s 21st. Given that this is just one of several similar travels I’ve taken this past year, I’m actually starting to enjoy teaser trips like these. After all, light carryons mean easy TSA checkpoints and no awkward bag juggling in the bathroom stall.

For all that I can’t stand about LA (the thought of driving during rush hour makes my palms sweaty and pupils dilate), it’s indeed these quick trips that make me miss all the city has to offer. There’s the iconic palm trees, for one, and a Korean food scene sadly absent in NorCal even when you include South Bay. Trips like these remind me that I can keep a cordial relationship with Los Angeles parking enforcement so long as I keep my distance. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.



Although there wasn’t time for Korean AYCE or palm tree watching, I had a wonderful time with really wonderful people. The best part? I got to completely surprise the birthday girl — she had no idea I was coming! After sneaking into her apartment and surprising her, we got to catch up, listen to Ed Sheeran, and play dress up for her dinner party. I’m happy to report that surprises were successful on all fronts and the only thing that could have possibly topped the night would have been Komodo truffle fries (they’re that good). It was an evening of rosé, whites, and reds, skirt steaks and lobster rolls, lively conversations and warm hugs. In true 21st birthday style we ended the night with drinks at Basement Tavern under The Victorian.



I put together a small webspace for my friend’s special day if you’d like to take a peek — it’s my first go at the design aspect of production, but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. Apologies to my mobile readers as the site isn’t small screen friendly. All I want for Christmas is an eye for design and skill level remotely close to Shini’s Park & Cube…


Happy birthday, Helen! Here’s to another year of laughter and memories.


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