How can one possibly describe loss? To describe the pain of friends, family, loved ones after a tragedy is to quantify how much someone loves another. There is a gaping, heavy hole in your heart cast from the rock that is the tragedy and that settles deep into the pit of your stomach. There is sadness and disbelief. There is silence.

I went back to his Facebook wall. Where were the signs? A  friendsgiving just two weeks ago, a camping trip not even a month before. There are smiles and only smiles. There is laughter and friends and silly college debauchery. I knew him from a club during my freshman year of college and it has hit me perhaps harder today than it might have three years ago when we had just met. That’s the funny thing about life that I’m just learning — there are people who come and go, people whose faces you forget and never see again after that one time. There are people who change the course of your life, and there are people who sit on the periphery. I am reminded today to cherish those from all circles. Don’t forget to tell someone you love them today.


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