Cheese, Please

 Ah, Sundays. The day of snoozed alarm clocks, proper breakfasts, and, in the case of wintery rain, copious cups of tea and coffee. Of course, don’t forget the baskets of dirty laundry, leaky faucets, and empty fridges that all need tending to, but those life chores aren’t interesting or photographable. Let’s just say there’s a magic elf doing all of our unspeakable tasks and get back to our coffee cake and Gilmore Girls season 1. There’s always Sunday night.

Recently, my mom’s been hinting that I should cook for the family. She says it’s so I don’t lose my self-proclaimed expertise gained from frying eggs and microwaving sweet potatoes in college (never mind that I took a three-day long cooking class). And she’s right — no one is born with a natural gift for telling when an omelet needs to be flipped. You learn from practice, from dozens of burned eggs and charred cheese (sorry, David, for making you suffer through that last one). The kitchen is daunting for beginners, because who wants to wait around for a second attempt at dinner when you overcooked the pasta the first time? Baby steps, Catherine. That’s why we have Sunday.



 In a perfect, more experienced world, I wouldn’t have used two skillets, four preparation plates, and my fingers instead of the spatula. I also wouldn’t have had to reread the recipe five times, because it’s freaking grilled cheese. And that’s exactly what this is: freaking grilled cheese. It’s a grilled cheese sandwich made with aged cheddar and a crusty Dutch Crunch roll topped with sage and pistachio pesto and a bit of applesauce to sweeten the deal. This was my first time doing a homemade pesto, and I don’t think I’m ever going back. I followed a commenter’s suggestion and sauteed the sage leaves to mellow them out before blending, and truly, the lemon is brilliant with the olive oil and nuts. Don’t be afraid to spread the pesto and applesauce liberally — the cheese holds it all together while flipping.


The only thing left is a long nap and your favorite holiday playlist — it’s Sunday, after all.


How’ve you been eating post-Thanksgiving? Are you still working through the leftovers? I had a heavy weekend filled with BBQ and Egg McMuffins — let’s just say my stomach is looking forward to normalcy (and pesto sandwiches) this upcoming week.



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