Traditions, Touchdowns, and Face-offs

There’s only one Thanksgiving showdown greater than the Great American wishbone (and who likes getting splattered with meaty carcass after the annual tug of war anyways). It’s apple versus pumpkin, winner take all. I was hoping to add squash to the mix — how elegant is this butternut squash pie? Apparently, however, my brother isn’t a fan, and so the incumbents are safe until another Thanksgiving.  Which side are you on this year?

My problem with Thanksgiving dessert is that I never leave room. I convince myself every year that this time, this Thanksgiving I will actually enjoy my sliver of apple pie instead of forcing it down with a side of Pepto Bismal. Those last bites are painful, and I always regret agreeing to the side of ice cream my aunt offers. First world problems aside, I decided to do dessert a little lighter this year. It started out with this ingenious no-crust pumpkin pie pudding (aka pumpkin pie without the dough). I’m partial to the melon over sticky, fruity desserts, especially after a heavy round at dinner, but I found this lovely sounding recipe while waiting on my pudding in the oven yesterday. So I’m giving apples a chance. Baked apples roasted in cider, sprinkled lightly with nutmeg and cinnamon is the perfect crust-less companion to the dark pudding. We’re light eaters at my house, so we’ll be spreading our desserts out over the afternoon as we play our annual, multi-hour Monopoly game and alternate turning off the football game my dad has on TV.

As for you, eat lots (I always give my stomach a little extra room by exercising the morning of) and have a relaxing Thanksgiving. There’s so much I’m thankful for and I hope the same for you!



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  1. The pumpkin pie without dough is really amazing!

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