Au Naturale

I recently started having massive allergy attacks — the kind that leave you wanting to rip your eyes out and saw off your nose. Lovely, right? Seeing as this is my first autumn back in NorCal in three years, it’s not surprising that Zyrtec is only making a tiny dent in my sniffling, sneezing congestion. I’m used to allergies in the fall and this year is just a little worse than usual.

The thing is, this year I started having the same allergic reactions to chemicals, specifically spray cleaning products. From harsh glass cleaners to fragrant soap spray, just about everything made me an itchy mess. This coincided with a family friend’s horrifying story of his mom, who grew up during a time when it was the in thing to do to remove your acne… with radiation. It reminded me that for all we know about the way the universe works, we’re still trying to figure it out. Facts, self-contradicting in every sense of the word, are always changing. That’s why the grapefruit diet didn’t last, boys and girls.


Regardless of how much I enjoy smelling weirdly indistinguishable and distinctly chemically every time I use that pungent glass cleaner (never mind my allergies), I’ve had enough. So here’s my first attempt at consciousness, at being careful with what I put on my body as much as in. After all, they say your skin is your biggest living organ. Mind you, the word natural is completely unregulated by the government, so it’s the number and legibility of ingredients that matter. I, for one, do know what coconut, palm, and olive oil are (some of the few ingredients in this little bar), and I don’t mind smelling like lavender either.



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