A Poutine Affair

What a weekend. 6 hours of flying (make that 11 when you add in layover hours and 3 more for the east coast time difference), midnight microwaved dinner a la Pizza Pizza, 12 hours in a stadium (with 40º daytime highs outside), and 6 more hours in the air before finally face planting on my bed at home, a mere 48 hours since leaving the States at the beginning of the weekend.



Halloween spent in a plane — needless to say, my dad and I got quite a few looks!


Really, though, I can’t say much about my time spent in Canada except that wind chill is no joke and poutine might be the ultimate comfort food yet to take hold in the US. It’s rich and salty and full of umami, if only I knew what that was. It was the perfectly Canadian (correct me if I’m wrong, Canadians) way to end our too short of a trip and a welcome consolation for not getting to see any of the fall leaves and beautiful landscapes Canada is well known for (as for results from my Taekwon-Do competition: GOLD! A great learning experience and new friendships formed).

My brief stint in Canada reminded me how resolutely winter is coming. If there was a time to eat an extra helping of thick french fries drenched in a messy bath of gravy from the gods, now is the time. Do it in between your sugar coma from Halloween and before the all-other-food-groups coma that is unquestionably looming near as we approach Thanksgiving. Do it now and do it quick — below, an amazing sounding recipe from Seasons and Suppers for authentic Canadian poutine (I only did a quick glance over her other posts, but how beautiful are her dishes? It makes me want to cry in a corner when I think about the fried eggs and toast combos that often make it to my dinner table, but alas, we must plough on). Hopefully I’ll be back in the spring to get another sampling… in the meantime, here’s to one less breakfast-as-dinner!



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  1. Gotta love the Poutine! Have come across some in the states, but it is nothing like that in Canada. Toronto is where I have experienced the best so far, at Lou Dawg’s. Have foodie friends in Montreal that say I need to experience it there sometime. :)

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