Found: Seven Recipes for Fall

For all Starbucks has done to the ubiquitous and now dead “pumpkin spice latte,” at least the company hasn’t yet destroyed all great pumpkin-y things in life. We still eat pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving, after all. To be fair, I’ve never tried a PSL, so who am I to judge?

Let’s be real, though. Pumpkin in its pure, melony form isn’t at all the pumpkin we’ve grown up with. I should know– I once made the truly regrettable mistake of trying to pumpkinize my Greek yogurt by mixing in canned pumpkin and nothing else. Talk about a sour, mushy mess. No, the pumpkin that we love (and that haters love to hate) is a feeling, a tradition, a memory. It’s the fragrant spice wafting from the kitchen, lingering in every corner of our house as we wait patiently for dessert. It’s the rich soup that greets our chilled toes and wet boots. It’s the deep nostalgia that warms every inch of us come cold weather and holiday season. There are few things in life much grander…

A gorgeous looking lamb stew and butternut squash.

Nothing quite says the holidays like fragrant persimmons (in a pudding!).

A hearty-looking, savory mushroom oatmeal to change up your morning routine (I’ve never tried savory oatmeal before, have you?).

Melt in your mouth, fleur de sel pumpkin caramels.

A take on the infamous Momofuku pork buns (the real deal are absolutely phenomenal — my mouth is watering already!).

Perhaps I’ll try this Italian pumpkin pie alternative for Thanksgiving dessert.

Not at all fall inspired, but this creamy clam and kale recipe is just begging for a crusty baguette.

Here’s another cliche that I refuse to title any blog post: sweater weather. That doesn’t mean I don’t love it though — ironically and perhaps perfectly, Everlane’s new cashmere collection named their caramel color “spice.” Isn’t fall beautiful?

(photo via Food52)


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