Room Makeover: Mid-Century Contemporary

After unpacking and reorganizing the chaos between my college and home supplies, I decided it was time to update my room to reflect my newfound adulthood and *matoooority*. Having been away for three years, my room had grown into a family dumping ground for furniture and unused knick knacks, and the coupled with remnants from my childhood room, the space was in desperate need of a makeover.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a before picture! I’m sure it’s not too hard to imagine, haha. Here’s a picture I found of my room from over seven years ago (that’s a smiley face I painted over by the light switch…!):


 I’ve always been drawn to blues, greys, and whites, so luckily most of the pieces I’ve collected over the past three years in college complemented the pieces I had at home. Actually, I kept almost all of my existing furniture. I made room for a reading area by reorganizing my closet space to get rid of an unwieldy bookcase and dresser, and I picked up the orange sitting chair and desk chair from Ikea (I love their Stockholm collection).




I’m currently looking around for a piece (or two) of art to finish off the corner of my room where the head of my bed is (not pictured, but the shot below shows one of the walls). The first night I slept in my newly designed room, the bare walls next to my bed actually scared me for some reason– it was the weirdest (and lamest) thing! My old room used to be quite busy with furniture or art covering most of the wall space, so it was eerie to sleep next to so much emptiness.



I would love to hear any suggestions or thoughts as to what could finish the room (post-college budget, mind you)! I was thinking a wall lamp? An abstract print? They say you can’t rush these things, so I’m waiting for the right one…


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  1. wait so you repainted the room too?!

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