A Resurrected Ghost Town and le Frutte del Mare

Our final day took us to Pompeii and the Almafi Coast where we stopped at the beautiful towns of Positano and Serranto. Che bella!


Check out the preserved teeth of the Pompeiian… Eerie.


“Beware of the dog”

The area surrounding Pompeii is incredibly fertile thanks to the volcanic soil and humidity. I would love to live here (there are over 600k in the neighboring towns!) except for the fact that Mt. Vesuvius is still active… I think I’ll stick to earthquakes, haha.



The Almafi Coast is breathtaking– I would love to come back and spend a vacation just on the coast! We lunched on homemade noodles and seafood atop the mountain side. It was absolutely perfetto :)




Serranto is best known for their lemons — they are massive here! I loved all the fruit stands along the side of the road with football-shaped lemons and chili peppers in the rafters. And of course, the limoncello!

We are heading back to the States with bellies full of pasta and bags filled with candy. As always, thanks for reading! See you stateside :)






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