A Leaning Tower and Some Scaffolding

Sorry for the silence on my end– it’s hard to keep up between the incredibly slow wifi at our current hotel and the exhaustion from all the sightseeing. Here’s a couple pictures from the past two days!

Yesterday we visited Pisa and Florence. Did you know that Pisa is the hometown of Galileo? It’s known as a town of science among locals.



David and the leaning tower

We then drove up to Florence for just a few hours. Note to future travelers: the museum is closed on Mondays! What a bummer, David and I were really looking forward to seeing the statue of David. Instead we took a picture of the replica outside in the piazza, which is where the original statue used to be before they moved it into the museum.



David squared

Florence was so charming and cultural. I wish we had more time to explore! Like many historical cities, Florence is much more calm and cosy than its metropolitan sister, Rome.

Today’s ventures took us to the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and Pantheon in Rome. The steps were unsurprisingly so crowded but the view at the top was beautiful.

The Trevi Fountain is being restored and cleaned right now, but that didn’t stop we tourists from swarming the plaza anyway! The fountain was completely dried up, so instead they had a temporary bridge installed so you could get a close up look of the scaffolding and fountain. I threw in a coin despite the lack of water– it still counts, right?



We ended our walk with the Pantheon. It’s the largest unsupported dome in the world, which is absolutely astounding when you consider how old it is! The sheer size of these historical relics is unbelievable. Inside the Pantheon are the tombs of the first and second kings of Italy as well as Rafael the artist. Incredible!





Tomorrow we have planned a day at the Vatican. Here’s to hoping we see the pope!






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