And… I’m off to Italy!

Here I am again, writing from the International Terminal of LAX as I wait for my plane, this time destined for Rome, Italy (with a short layover in Canada where I’ll be connecting with my family). We’ll be staying near the coastline for the International Taekwon-Do Federation World Championships for the first week with a bit of sightseeing planned for our second week in Italy. Let’s hope my year of Italian in college gets put to good use (desidero una bicicletta di Bianchi!).

A couple experiences I’m looking forward to: gelato(!) and fresh bruschetta, Italian fashion (I hear that it’s very Italian to wear a neck scarf), Fiat-spotting (check out the adorable little guys via #findyourfiat), and the infamous Italian gestures. What I’m not looking forward to: humidity. The weather is supposed to be deadly this time of year!


Also, a huge thank you to my kind friends, Mr. Phillips and Maytal for the travel snacks to keep me alive during my flight and competition — I’m a chia seeds convert already! I look forward to training together once I come back :)


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