Senior Send-Off

One of the last events that my business fraternity hosts every year is Senior Send-Off. There’s always dinner, MCs (and their jokes), homemade videos, and lots of crying as we “send off” the graduating seniors. This year was especially bittersweet for me since the frat sent me off a year earlier than I was expected — it felt so weird to not be sent off with the rest of my junior friends, whom I have grown up and become close to these past three years.

For each senior video, members of the frat often do impersonations of the graduating senior and the result is usually pretty funny. The family line and friends made a little story of me blogging! I loved every second of it :)


One of the scariest thoughts about graduating is how much more difficult it will be to keep in touch with my close friends from college. It’s something that I have been repeatedly reminded of when I realize that these may be one of the last times that we’re all together. What a strange thought! It’s funny — when I was younger, I always thought that college was the “real” world and that you became a true adult once you entered college. Now that I’m reaching the end of my formal education, I’m realizing how real the real world is (bills! employers!). I am so thankful for having had these great people to support and help me grow throughout college…



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