A Last Girls Appreciation

Every spring, the boys of my professional business fraternity (Delta Sigma Pi) get together and host a little gathering to “appreciate” the girls :) Past Girls Appreciations have been simple dinners and a homemade video at someone’s apartment, which we’ve come to expect and love! This year, however, the guys absolutely blew their past Appreciations out of the water — my girl friends and I were impressed beyond words and so humbled by how much time they put into making the entire night an unforgettable experience. They rented out our school’s community recreation space and dressed up the area with balloons and lights :)


They had a mic system and projector (to show their homemade music video) and MCs to keep us entertained while they served appetizers (smoked salmon bites and deviled eggs!), pasta, and skewers grilled by the men themselves.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv02 preset

They finished the night with live music, homemade banana pudding, and PIE-ING the boys (we’re college kids, after all). It was so great… I smiled nonstop the entire night :) Thank you, boys!!



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