So I Took a Three Day Long Cooking Class…

A friend very kindly, very generously gifted me an introduction to cooking class at Sur La Table and I am now a college student who is marginally better at cooking and likely five pounds heavier! It was a fun experience that will hopefully push me to be more daring in my future cooking. As a young adult, I want to adventure beyond my comfort zone but my inexperience makes me so nervous to try new things in the kitchen. This course provided a solid foundation from which I can build from and also gave me a taste of techniques I’m not used to.

Adnan Ibrahim, the instructor, was very patient and gave us lots of tips beyond the set curriculum since the class was only three people. We started with basics, like how to properly hold a knife  (hooray for safety and equally sized diced vegetables!).

On the first day, we made vinaigrette in a jar for an arugula salad, roasted peppers on risotto with Parmesan, quinoa pilaf with ginger and chiles, and polenta with sautéed wild mushrooms. Yum :)


The second day’s menu focused on proteins: rib-eye steak, rack of lamb, roasted pork loin (it was a four pounder!!), and the juiciest chicken I’ve ever had. What a feast.


(check out that loin!)

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset


Our final day focused on seafoods. We learned what to look for in fresh seafood and how to properly prepare it. We made seared scallops, poached cod in ratatouille, grilled salmon, seared ahi tuna, and shrimp scampi–


It’s crazy that we made all these dishes in under two hours each day with no pressure or stress to get things done. Though the recipes were relatively simple, our focus on properly preparing the foods to bring out maximal flavor made a huge difference in the taste and food experience. A big thanks to my friend, Sahib, for making this baby dream of mine a reality! Now I’m off to dice some vegetables :)


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