Incomplete Guides: West LA Food

My friend who will (hopefully!) be attending UCLA in the fall recently asked for restaurant recommendations and general advice, and I thought it’d a fun mini-series to catalog my thoughts. First things first, food (obviously!). Here’s a list of my favorite spots — most of which are in West LA — and a couple places I’ve been meaning to try. Feel free to friend me if you’re a fellow Yelper :)

Immediate Westwood area (walking distance from UCLA’s campus):

Great Persian ice cream (Saffron & Rose)

Expensive juice/smoothies for hot summer days (Nekter Juice Bar)

My favorite modern restaurant (great for a date!) (fundamental LA)

Pie (Simplethings)

A Subway for those days you don’t have time for lunch (Subway – on campus)

Get the chicken bowl for $3.99 when you’re tired of Subway (Fusion – on campus)

Or the udon/sushi combo (Tsunami – on campus)

The best and healthiest late night bite (Bella Pita)

A couple other mentions: Napa Valley Grille, Palomino (cocktails and businessmen here)

But I’ve been meaning to try: Beef tongue sandwich, poutine

West LA (within a short driving distance):

Ramen (Hakata Ramen Shinsengumi), ramen (Daikokuya), ramen (Tsujita Artisan Noodle)

Japanese okonomiyaki/yakisoba (Gottsui)

Taiwanese shaved snow (Blockheads)

My favorite (French) cafe — free wifi! (Amandine)

Better churros than in Spain (the owner is so nice) (Churros Calientes)

Fusion tacos (Komodo Cafe)

A nice kabob spot with Intelligentsia coffee (Creation Grill)

Another Mediterranean spot (my friend reminded me to remind you about their *garlic butter*) (Zankou Chicken)

The definition of New American food (my favorite West LA brunch spot) (Huckleberry)

The definition of Los Angeles food (read: delicious salads) (Lemonade)

The best macarons I’ve ever had (‘Lette Macarons)

Bookmarked: burgers, sushi, chicken, a deli institution

Greater Los Angeles

More fusion (pork belly!) (Chego)

Hipster dim sum (PINTUNG Eat-in Market)

Street food, Thai style (Night + Market)

Korean sul lung tang (soup) (Surawon)

Korean BBQ AYCE (all you can eat), $10.99 version (Bud Namu)

Korean BBQ AYCE, $18.99 version (Hae Jang Chon)

Korean, non AYCE (pricey but worth it!) (Park’s BBQ)

On my list to try: taco truck, 24-hour donuts, upscale sandwiches and more sandwiches, pastrami sandwiches, rice balls, pie (my friend says the apple is life-changing), great sushi, Italian, charcuterie, brunch

What do you think? Let me know if I’m missing anything (and I’m probably missing A LOT!) worth mentioning.

photo from: Bakers Royale


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