So I Went on a First Date Last Night…

(please excuse my water stained table)

It was really fun! I can’t say that I have much experience with first dates so I was (a little) surprised that it was an all-around great time — with my limited knowledge from movies/Yahoo articles I was under the impression that first dates are generally awkward and/or consist primarily of “what’s your favorite color/food/*insert general interest here*” conversations. And can I just mention how anxious I was before we met up?! This was my first time asking a guy out! I was so nervous that the museum we were going to was going to be boring (remember that scene from 500 Days of Summer?) or we would run out of things to talk about or something devastating was going to happen like a huge fire or earthquake (my imagination has a habit of escalating things pretty quickly…).

Last night was nothing of the sort (thank god)! We ended up listening to jazz at LACMA (free jazz every Friday night! How incredible is that?!) and saw the Japanese art exhibit before grabbing dinner at PINGTUNG Eat-In Market and coffee/tea latte at Cafe Dulce in Little Tokyo. I didn’t think to take any pictures, but he got some with his expensive looking camera (he’s a really great photographer!), so if I ever get my hands on them I’ll be sure to update this post :)

That was my Friday night! How was yours? Still recovering from Friday night festivities?



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  1. I’m glad you had a great time! This is definitely different than the typical dinner and a movie.

    My Friday wasn’t nearly as exciting, but I’m glad you enjoyed your date!

  2. awww <3

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