Interesting Read: Raising a Moral Child

I’m not sure what’s been a greater influence in my recent interest in psychology/child development: my linguistics classes (which focus heavily on case studies and toe the line of neuroscience/psychology) or my Digg Reader’s recent addition of lifestyle/homemaker blogs (Joann Goddard is my idol!). I read this fascinating NY Times article about several cases studying the factors that influence children as they form notions of identity and self-worth. The article centers around the question of whether it’s better to praise a child’s actions or character when he/she does a good deed. It’s an interesting read! It’s been getting me to self-analyze and wonder what kind approach my parents took (looks like it’s about time to give my mom a call…). For those with experience, I’m curious to know what strategies do/did you use and if they match the article’s findings. What do you think?

photo from: Roger Wilkerson


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