Found: Great Greek Yogurt

I recently read that my favorite “Greek” yogurt, Greek Gods, is not so Greek after all (but it’s so creamy and smooth! :( ). I decided to give Fage a try, since it seems to be the overwhelming winner in terms of taste, protein content, and authenticity (or maybe as close as authentic as you can get in the States) as a Greek-strained yogurt. I’ve actually tried Fage before but was at the time more interested in taste and price rather than health.

Wow! Fage does a great job balancing the tartness of the ‘gurt with the sweet jelly — I really love that they separate the jam from the yogurt so you can get just the right amount of sweet to tart ratio with every bite (I’m looking at you, Chobani). Has anyone noticed how perfectly shaped the jelly pocket is for getting every last bit of the fruity stuff with your spoon? Design genius, I tell you (or as my friend texted me after she tried Fage, “Can I just say Fa-yeh is fi-yah!”). I’m definitely converted (the probiotics in my stomach are happy too)!

photo from: thekitchn


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