First thoughts (again)

I recently started a Coursera class called “A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior.” For those who don’t know, Coursera is this great (and free!) organization that aims to disrupt the current education system by providing free online courses in a variety of subjects from top universities (similar to Udacity, which is specifically for computer science).

One interesting point the professor made was the fact that over time, people remember their actions but not the emotional states which motivate them. It’s true– I, for one, have a horrible memory (maybe that’s what developed my love for small notebooks and inky pens), and sadly I have few emotional memories from more than a couple years ago.

So here’s the jump! I had originally made this blog to document my spring break in Japan but have been considering blogging for some time now (I have a lot of opinions about fountain pens and it *needs* to be shared with the world), so I figured I might as well continue where I left off. I’m hoping to share (so I can remember) my experiences as I finish my last months of college and figure out the adult world (whether or not that starts back in my room at my parents’ house remains TBD) as well as random finds, thoughts, and I don’t even know what yet.

photo from: trendenser


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  1. I’m excited to read this blog! <3

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